Who & Why


Our team at Access Homes is passionate and committed to promoting Aging in Place.  We have developed this resource, to assist seniors and persons with mobility issues with the correct information to age in place.

Aging in Place is the concept and practice of allowing seniors to live in their own homes and reduce the amount of time spent in hospitals and nursing homes.

The desire for families and friends to remain at home has created a diverse and dynamic home care service industry and a variety of service providers such as occupational therapists and handymen to undertake home modifications based on the home owners physical needs.

The age in place model through better accessibility and safety in the home for senior care can lead to a large decrease in hospitalization and therefore significant reduction in healthcare spending.

We are entering into a period where enormous strains are already being placed on housing due to the ageing of baby boomers. There will be many people that will be able to be accommodated in nursing homes; conversely there will be many more that will not be able to. It may be the most financially sensible housing option for those seniors with the physical ability to remain at home.

Older Americans generally want to remain independent. They want to be in control of how and where they live and to stay connected with their families and neighbourhood. They want to have a choice in the type of care they want to receive.