Emergency Response

Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors


Introducing Lively

Lively offers a better way to stay safe from falls, and remain independent as well as connected to loved

 ones with insight that notices unwelcome changes to even prevent emergencies from happening.

 With Lively, you get a stylish safety watch for 24/7 medical alert response and smart home device that

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Personal Locator has a new name - S911 Lola GPS Location Device



The S911 Lola brings innovation to the market as an  Ultra-Small GPS Location Device  with 2 way voice and real-time tracking. It has sensor for man-down alert and geo-fencing feature which provides peace of mind for any kind of applications.



SOS Assistance with Panic Button  

Real Time Tracking with GPS  

GSM / GPRS worldwide coverage

Over Speed Alert 

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SOS Mobile Watch

The SOS Mobile Watch is a personal alert system that goes above and beyond the typical pendant or wrist systems commonly found on the market. The watch includes many features of mobile phones providing not only a means of monitoring, but also a means of communicating. There is an inbuilt GPS that works as an emergency tracker and the watch also includes push button emergency alarm and call functions.

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A Safer Home for People with Hearing Loss

Our ability to hear is often affected by age. Statistics show that as many as 7 out of 10 over 70 have trouble hearing. Then a seemingly simple thing like hearing the telephone signal can become difficult. Are you concerned that you rarely get calls or visits from family? Perhaps your friends and family have expressed that you are sometimes difficult to reach by phone or that there is no one to answer the door.

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Care Home Alerting Solution - Help to notice signals in your home

Bellman & Symfon has developed a smart solution to help people notice the signals such as door bell, telephone and smoke alarm in their homes. It will alert you with bright flashing lights, alarm clock and bed shaker.

Connection are wireless and can be installed in minutes by owners.

Bellman Visit Safe Package

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Bellman Care Package

This solution will notify you with bright flashes and coloured lights when the doorbell rings or when someone tries to reach you over the phone - even if you are several rooms away. It includes a telephone transmitter and a wireless doorbell that is connected to a flash receiver.                            

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VitalCall Easy Press Pendant

Personal alert systems vary in shape, size and function but their main purpose is to communicate when a person needs assistance. The VitalCall Easy Press pendant does that, and just that. It is easy to use, discreet and is idea for use by almost anyone.

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