Switchamajig IR

This infrared remote controlled automation system allowed users to control their devices that are connected to the device. 

The device isn’t built into the home system which allows for more flexibility. 

This flexibility aids in independent living.  

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Savant Systems Home Automation Control

The Savant system can integrate your iPhone and iPad into your home automation control system. 

This efficient system has very little wiring and can be customised to suit your lifestyle. 

The integration into various systems makes this device very versatile. 

This device allows for greater independence in the home.  

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C-Bus Home Control

Using C-Bus home control, you can design a system that is programmed to suit your home and lifestyle. 

The C-Bus system allows users to control different electronic systems within the house either remotely or around your home.  T

he C-Bus system allows automation of lighting, irrigation, air conditioning, multi-room audio, windows and blinds, home theatre, home security and keyless entry. 

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PowerLink 4

This product allows the user to simply control up to 2 electrical appliances using the PowerLink. 

With the ability to control when and how long appliances are used for, this device can aid greatly in automating appliances that require regular use. 

Settings on the device could aid both people with disabilities looking to live independently as well as caregivers or relatives of those people.

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