Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Even though voice recognition software has been around for years, many people still consider it to be more science fiction than science. Actually, voice recognition software, also called speech recognition software, has made great strides in the last few years. The technology is ready now. Voice recognition software has the capability of streamlining work flow, allowing to work as fast as one can speak instead of as fast as one can type and move the mouse.

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Go Talk

These battery powered communication devices assists those who have difficulties communicating by speaking with another person. 

The application of these devices can make it simpler for someone with a speech impairment to communicate. 

In addition, those with intellectual disability will benefit from the graphic nature and large buttons.  

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Doro PhoneEasy 615

This friendly mobile has been designed with seniors in mind.

The larger buttons aids those with dexterity impairment and the phone is hearing aid compatible, making it more convenient for those with a hearing impairment.  

The phone features a one touch emergency call button conveniently placed on the back of the phone which will automatically SMS up to 5 numbers as well as allow you to call them.

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Help Mini


The HelpiMini is a mini keyboard design for one-handed typists or people who need more sensitive keys. 

The keyboard is ideal for persons who may be unable to use a regular keyboard due to the force required each keystroke (for example people with arthritis) or alternatively to make typing easier for amputees as the entire keyboard can be access within the range of one hand. 

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