Care Home Alerting Solution - Help to notice signals in your home

Bellman & Symfon has developed a smart solution to help people notice the signals such as door bell, telephone and smoke alarm in their homes. It will alert you with bright flashing lights, alarm clock and bed shaker.

Connection are wireless and can be installed in minutes by owners.

Bellman Visit Safe Package

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Solar Automatic Watering System

Watering the garden is a physically demanding task, particularly given the environmental factors such as potentially challenging weather, difficult terrain or limited circulation space. People with mobility impairment will find this a challenging task. Automatic watering systems aid in eliminating many of these challenges.

The Irrigatia SOL-K12 Automatic Watering System is one such system.

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LG Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Various assistive technologies have been developed to aid in home maintenance. When someone has a mobility impairment, day to day chores such as vacuuming are a strenuous task.

This LG Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an example of how technology can fill the void of home maintenance, hence eliminating an disabler in living independently with a mobility impairment.

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e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser

Automated medication dispensers come in many shapes and sizes, but it their functionality is key. The e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser has many features that are functional for a wide range of users.

When medication is due, audible and visual alarms ensure the user is aware that it is time to take medication making this product ideal for people with visual or aural impairment.

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The Tile App

There is a myriad of different products that assist in locating items of importance, be it keys, wallets, mobile phones, handbags etc. The Tile is an example of one of these products. Tiles can be attached to certain objects and can be tracked via GPS on their phones.

This is very useful for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and other intellectual disabilities who would benefit from the added safety measure.

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VitalCall Easy Press Pendant

Personal alert systems vary in shape, size and function but their main purpose is to communicate when a person needs assistance. The VitalCall Easy Press pendant does that, and just that. It is easy to use, discreet and is idea for use by almost anyone.

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Keylock Slide

The Keylock Slide offers a number of benefits depending on situation. 

Those with intellectual disabilities or with alzheimers/dementia need not worry about access to their house as a key is not always required for this system. 

Providing security, the deadbolt lock recognises 3 separate ways to gain entry, either by fingerprints, pinpad or key. 

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Conel Keypad Window Operator

Conel electronic window systems can be installed to multiple sashes to optimise airflow.  Airflow through a dwelling can be taken for granted. 

Wheelchair users and the aging population will benefit greatly from this product. 

Often people with mobility or dexterity impairments will be unable to operate windows.  The force and mobility necessary is negated by a system such as this.  

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Stanley Access Pro Automatic Door Opener

The keyless entry device is operated from a remote button that is specifically designed for wheelchair and walking frame users. 

The Velcro strap is ideal for attaching to walkers or wheelchairs. 

The ability of the device to both unlock and lock doors makes it very useful for people with mobility impairment or if a person has difficulty operating manual door controls.

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Switchamajig IR

This infrared remote controlled automation system allowed users to control their devices that are connected to the device. 

The device isn’t built into the home system which allows for more flexibility. 

This flexibility aids in independent living.  

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