To Stay in their Communities, Seniors First Need A Place To Live

Sometimes, you just have to say what is crashingly obvious. And when it comes to older adults aging at home, here it is: If seniors are going to avoid a nursing home, they need a safe, affordable alternative. Without one, they may die prematurely. And even if they live, they will almost surely need institutional care, which may be a bad alternative for them and, if they are poor, will cost the government a small fortune.  In short, you can’t age in place without a “place.”

In a new report released this week, called Healthy Aging Begins at Home, the Bipartisan Policy Center made 30 recommendations for how government can improve access to quality housing for seniors. They include enhanced housing subsidy programs for low-income seniors, modest steps aimed at integrating housing with health care and supportive services, and encouraging greater use of technology to improve care at home.

Posted by editor on Mon, 06 Jun 2016 14:06