'Second skin' banishes visible signs of ageing - for 24 hours

An invisible "second skin" has been developed that irons out wrinkles, eliminates eye bags, and can banish visible signs of ageing in an instant.

The new material, applied in a two-step process, both protects and tightens the skin, while allowing it to hold moisture and breathe.

It has the potential to make anyone on the wrong side of 40 look years younger - but currently, the effect only lasts 24 hours.


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New Jersey, Massachusetts Have Most Expensive Assisted Living in U.S.

When it comes to the cost of assisted living, where you live matters. That’s because the cost of a one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility varies enormously by state, a new analysis from Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) reveals.

The most expensive states for a one-bedroom unit in an assisted living community, as measured by their average cost per month, are New Jersey and Massachusetts, with one bedrooms costing $6,324 per month and $5,926 per month, respectively. In Alaska and Connecticut, one bedrooms cost an average of $5,906 per month and $5,869 per month; in New Hampshire, they cost an average of $5,729 per month.


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New senior-living complex in West Boca delivers 'wow factor' with luxe amenities

After valeting their car and ordering prime rib from the restaurant menu, residents of a new senior-living complex can spend a few hours at the spa, take an art class, watch a movie in the theater or visit their doctor.

The apartment kitchens have granite countertops, washer-dryers and spacious walk-in closets; there's a hair salon, library and bank on site; residents who need speech or occupational therapy can visit the on-site health center; nursing staff is available 24 hours a day for residents who have dementia or need rehabilitative care.

These amenities are all on-site at Sinai Residences, a new, non-profit continuing-care complex on the campus of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County in West Boca. The grand opening celebration begins at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The 23-acre project, which its founders are calling "the most luxurious continuing-care community in the country," is filled mostly with Palm Beach County residents, who paid between $400,000 and $1.3 million for a lifetime of care, designed to accommodate them as they age. A percentage of the investment is returned to the owners if they move or to their heirs if they die.


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Upward Bound seniors head off to college

Twenty seniors graduated from Upward Bound and will set their sights on new horizons as they head to life after high school.

Upward Bound, on Northern Oklahoma College Enid’s campus, is a government-sponsored program that helps qualifying high school students successfully complete school and prepares them for college. To qualify, students must meet federal income guidelines and neither parent may hold a four-year degree.


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Occupational therapists make it easier to live at home

April is National Occupational Therapy Month. The profession of occupational therapy makes valuable contributions in helping people “live life to its fullest” after an illness or injury. If you have ever been in a situation in which you were physically unable to complete your daily tasks, an occupational therapist can help.

Occupational therapists are health and rehabilitation professionals that help individuals achieve independence in their lives despite disabilities. Independence can be achieved several ways: through adaptation of tasks or environment, improving strength, improving fine motor coordination and through patient and family education.


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Occupational therapy for older people with disability post stroke

Research suggests that occupational therapy alone may not be effective in improving the function of care home residents who have had a stroke.

In the UK, around one in 10 people who survive a stroke cannot return home and are discharged to a care home (Royal College of Physicians, Clinical Effectiveness and Evaluation Unit on behalf of the Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party, 2015). Many people who enter a care home become inactive and experience deterioration in their ability to carry out activities of daily living. Little evidence is available to support occupational therapy for people with stroke-related disabilities who live in care homes.


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‘Granny Cam’ Laws Target Assisted Living

A wave of new bills about camera regulations in assisted living settings is bringing privacy issues to a head as technology increasingly tracks data and monitors resident in the senior housing industry.

While five states have implemented monitoring regulations within skilled nursing settings, two other states are looking to spread these laws into assisted living and other long-term care facilities.


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3 key tips for anyone caring for a loved one with arthritis

Did you know that over 4.6 million Canadians are living with arthritis, and that about 3 out every 4 of them have osteoarthritis?

If you’re caring for a loved with with arthritis, here are 3 things that ease the challenge:



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Single Women in Solitude: A Slippery Slope

Living alone can lead to poor mental health. A stronger safety net is needed.

Today’s older adults are more likely to live alone than previous generations. Millions of women 65 and over — a full 36% — live alone. The number climbs to nearly half for women 75 and over.

The reasons are varied. Women often outlive their spouses or partners, or see their children move away. Once widowed, older women are more likely to remain unmarried because men tend to marry younger women. There’s been a steep decline in elders living with adult children or other relatives. And 90% of seniors say they prefer to age in their own homes.


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Thriving at Age 70 and Beyond

A recently published book, “70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade,” inspired me to take a closer look at how I’m doing as I approach 75 and how I might make the most of the years to come. It would be a good idea for women in my age cohort to do likewise. With a quarter of American women age 65 expected to live into their 90s, there could be quite a few years to think about.


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