Feeling weak, tired or down aren’t normal parts of getting older

When Christopher Callahan examines older patients, he often hears a similar refrain.

“I’m tired, doctor. It’s hard to get up and about. I’ve been feeling kind of down, but I know I’m getting old and I just have to live with it.”

This fatalistic stance relies on widely held but mistaken assumptions about what constitutes normal aging.

In fact, fatigue, weakness and depression aren’t to-be-expected consequences of growing older, said Callahan, director of the Center for Aging Research at Indiana University’s School of Medicine.


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Resolve to reflect on driving skills in the new year

METRO DETROIT — The upcoming new year is a time for reflection, and auto safety experts are asking older drivers to honestly evaluate their driving skills for the sake of everyone on the road.

AAA recognized Dec. 5-9 as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, a campaign by the American Occupational Therapy Association.

The auto agency recommended the timing of holiday family gatherings as a time to re-evaluate older drivers’ health and skills behind the wheel. According to AAA, the aging process and its resulting medical problems may contribute to making driving a riskier activity.


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Burke's Driver Evaluation Program Keeps Roads Safe For Seniors

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Suggesting a loved one should no longer drive due to old age or a medical condition is a difficult conversation to have. However, thanks to the Driver Evaluation Program at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, seniors and patients are able to maintain their independence and stay safe on the road.

The unique evaluation program is the only one of its kind in Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties. "It’s a clinical assessment where we look at somebody’s foundational skills to see if they're able to drive safely, whether they're recovering from a neurological injury or simply an older driver," said Andrea Sullivan, supervisor of Occupational Therapy Out-Patient Services at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital.


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Will We Soon See Workplaces With On-Site Elder Care?

Your boss asks you to work late to finish a project. In years past, this wasn’t a problem — you stayed to help out. But now your 84-year-old father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, has moved in with you. He needs help preparing dinner and managing his medications. He’s not safe on his own. What do you do?

It’s a hypothetical question recently posed by Kathy Kelly of the Family Caregiver Alliance to illustrate the challenges facing caregivers. Now a CEO of a major corporation has proposed an innovative real-life solution.

Take Your Parent to Work Day?


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Seniors are getting wired

Today’s 20-something tech wizards might not worry about the challenges of old age. But they should.

Seniors represent a huge untapped market for tech companies. While just 13 percent of America’s population is 65 or older today, that slice will jump to 19 percent by 2030.

One area that holds particular promise? Wearables.


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Best Christmas tech gifts 2016: Our pick of the top gadgets and tech-inspired presents

Christmas is only weeks away, but if you haven't finished your shopping yet - or even started it - don't panic! There's still plenty of time to find the perfect gift.

From the Amazon Echo to the Sony Playstation VR headset, 2016 has been a great year for new technology, meaning there are loads of options for the gadget lovers in your life.


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Older Driver Safety Week

AAA Mid-Atlantic Offers Research, Tips and Resources to Help Keep Older Drivers Safe on the Road

Hamilton, NJ  – Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day as part of the very large Baby Boomer generation and many expect to work and remain active longer than their parents did, increasing their need to drive longer or have access to transportation.  In New Jersey, the number of people 65 and older is estimated at 1.2 million, according to NJ Census Data.  December 5th through 9th is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week and AAA Mid-Atlantic has research, tips and resources to help senior drivers stay safe on the roads.  

“Senior drivers can help reduce their risk on the road by updating their general driving knowledge and skills through a defensive driving refresher course, and self-regulating when and where they choose to drive,” says Kurt Gray, Director of Driver Services for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Some drivers may need to go a step further and have an objective assessment of their driving skills which is also a good way to start the conversation about planning for a driving retirement, if it hasn’t already started.”


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CHP recommends planning for senior drivers

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Just as people plan for retirement, the California Highway Patrol urges them to plan for changing needs and abilities in their driving as they age.

The CHP joins the American Occupational Therapy Association to recognize Dec. 5 to 9 as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.

The ability to drive safely can be affected by physical, emotional, and mental conditions. If family and friends discuss potential changes before they become an issue, older drivers can be involved in the planning. Proactive, early planning is essential for continued independence and safety on the road.

“As we age, most people want to maintain their independence, and that usually means driving,” CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow said. “Discussing how long it is safe to continue driving may be difficult for family and friends, but it is important.”


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Safely Aging in Place in Rural America

Looking out the window of her home in the small, coastal city of Manzanita, Oregon – where only about 600 people permanently reside, and many more vacationers visit – Leila Salmon describes the scene before her: “I’m looking right now at Neahkahnie Mountain, which goes right down to the ocean and the rainbow that just came out over the ocean and the mountain.”

The twice widowed 87-year-old has resided in rural Tillamook County since she moved back to the state, after her second husband died, to be closer to her children in Portland, about 90 minutes away. One of her daughters has since retired and built a house nearby. “I’ve never lived any place where people felt so attached to the land and the preservation of the land, and the beauty that surrounds you [is] a bonus to living here,” she says. “It never fails to amaze, amuse and satisfy me.”


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What is “Olding?”

This article was originally published on the Voices of Aging Blog.

I have never been quite comfortable with the term “aging,” at least in the context of what I write about and work on all the time -what it is like to get older. Although there is a general acceptance of the fact that we are all “aging” the term itself doesn’t really get to the nitty-gritty changes that happen to us seniors again and again, each additional day, week, or month. I cringe a little when I hear statements like “we are all aging - even kids are aging.” My head says that these kinds of comments shift the discussion away from reality into a theoretical construct of what happens to people like you and me as we continue to add years.


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