Looking at nursing homes for a loved one? Here’s where to start

Everyone hopes to reach a ripe old age while still living independently in their own home.

But as we age, our care needs can become too great for ourselves and our family members to meet, and even beyond those available from home care service providers.

If this situation applies to you or beloved relatives such as your parents, you may be wondering where to start on the search for a residential care solution.

The first step is to request an Aged Care Assessment Test (ACAT). This free government-funded test assesses a person’s basic needs and determines which services they are eligible for.

If a nursing home is required, the experience of discussing the issue and then choosing the right home will likely be stressful for everyone involved. However, the process can be simplified with the help of an experienced aged care placement consultant.


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How home care communities combine independence and support

What if your mum or dad could retain the independence of living in their own home, enjoy the support of close-knit community and still have home-help on call at any time of the day or night if they need it?

And what if, should their health later deteriorate, they could obtain higher-level care without the stress of selling up and moving into a nursing home?

It sounds too good to be true, but a new style of aged care is gaining ground in Australia, fuelled by a shake-up in the funding of home care, and recognition of the fact that Aussies are living longer than ever before, which means that their residential requirements could change many times after retirement.

Home care communities aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ bringing together the independent living of a traditional retirement village, the day-to-day services available from a home care agency and the more intensive health support of a nursing home.


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Ageing In The City: Creativity And Technology To The Rescue

Imagine buying your dream house in the city. Over time, it transforms from a house to a home, one where you build a lifetime’s worth of memories. It’s close to the shops, to the subway station, to the community centre, and the neighbours become more like family than friends. But then it gets harder to get around. Going up and down the stairs every day is a challenge. The subway isn’t easy to navigate anymore, and the city you’ve called home for decades is suddenly not as comfortable as it once was.


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Woods Family Foundation Issues Challenge Grant for New Wisdom Center

The Santa Maria Wisdom Center received a $25,000 challenge grant from the Edwin and Jeanne Woods Family Foundation, said Linda Gadbois, the center’s program director.

The grant will match dollar-for-dollar all donations from supporters raised from now until Oct. 31.

Life Steps Foundation’s Santa Maria Wisdom Center recently kicked off its $1.7 million capital campaign Step Up for Seniors to raise funds for construction of the new Santa Maria Wisdom Center.

The new facility, at 2255 S. Depot St., will be a 9,500-square-foot adult day health care center serving the frail elderly and adults with disabilities.


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Era of aging baby boomers to ignite explosion in jobs in health care, housing for seniors

GRAND FORKS — In the coming decades, as the "huge wave" of baby boomers starts to reach their 70s, 80s and older, jobs in health care and senior housing will explode, said Phil Gisi, president and CEO of Grand Forks-based Edgewood Management Group.

But young people may not be fully aware of the "great opportunities" that await them in this sector of the job market, said Gisi, whose company owns and operates senior living facilities across the Upper Midwest.


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New research shows that robotic animals could be the way to go in dementia care

Published in the Journal of American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA), the study follows on previous research by Professor Wendy Moyle and her team at Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland which showed that the introduction of a robotic seal called ‘Paro’ could bring positive benefits for people with dementia, including reduced anxiety and decreased tendency to wander.


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Demand for Home Care Providers Will Continue Climbing

According to Forbes and AARP, there are an estimated 44 million family caregivers in the United States right now. That number will likely increase as more seniors reach retirement age and prefer to remain at home, even if they have trouble with mobility or various health issues. Home care support is a major component in keeping these men and women safe, healthy, and active, but for so many of these family members, they rarely think about the consequences (or repercussions) of their efforts.


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Healthcare Expenses Medicare Won't Pay For

If you're looking forward to getting Medicare because you think this health insurance for seniors will provide comprehensive coverage, you may end up disappointed. Studies have shown seniors with high-prescription drug needs could incur as much as $350,000 in out-of-pocket spending on healthcare during retirement, even with both Medicare and a supplementary Medigap policy.

You need to be as prepared as you can for high healthcare costs as a senior, and that starts with understanding the kinds of healthcare services that Medicare won't pick up the tab for. Here are seven you should be aware of.


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These New Gadgets Could Be Game Changers for Senior Living

From sophisticated sensors to assistive staircases to VR systems, new technologies promise to help older people live independently for longer.hese New Gadgets Could Be Game Changers for Senior Living:


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Senior living communities going above, beyond for on-site care

When it comes time to make the decision to move a senior loved one to an independent or assisted living community, the level of health care services is often a top concern for both prospective residents and their family members.

Fortunately, many Houston-area retirement communities are at the top of their game when it comes to monitoring residents' care.

The Buckingham, a Houston senior retirement community, is heavily focused on the health care of its residents, offering independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care.

In independent living, The Buckingham has a resident care manager in place to assist residents with various care needs such as doctor's appointments, in-house therapy, home care, as well as assisting residents and their families as they prepare to move to a higher level of living.


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