Study confirms Juniper Communities' Connect4Life model decreases hospital admission rates and could cut $15.3 billion in Medicare spending

Greater integration between seniors housing and healthcare yields significant benefits for seniors and shows hospital admission rates for seniors in Juniper Communities' Connect4Life model are half those of the general Medicare population; and could save Medicare nearly $4,500 in hospital inpatient spending per enrollee.

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Occupational Therapy Program Can Improve Fibromyalgia Patients’ Lives, USC Study Finds

An occupational therapy intervention program can improve the quality of life, confidence and functional abilities of people with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, according to a study featured in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

By involving patients in frequent interactions with occupational therapists who guide them, researchers aim for patients to gain motivation, identify solutions, and build healthy habits.

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Op-ed: Medicare proposal puts Utah patients at risk

If you were to ask seniors across Utah where they’d prefer to spend their twilight years, most of them probably wouldn’t respond, “in a hospital bed.” Instead, you would hear how important it is to be in their homes, supported by family and friends. Thanks to the Medicare home health benefit, 3.5 million seniors around the country have the opportunity to remain in the comfort of their own homes while receiving nursing and/or rehabilitation therapy services to help them recover from an illness or injury.

Unfortunately, proposed changes to the way the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) pays home health providers threaten to disrupt access to care for tens of thousands of home health beneficiaries in Utah and millions more across the country. Known as the Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM), this proposed payment reform would be extremely disruptive to Utah home health patients, causing many to lose access to medically necessary and already low-cost health care services, while creating new administrative burdens for home health care providers.

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Safer Cars Help Keep Older Drivers on the Road

After years of advising others on how to get older drivers to relinquish the car keys, which often resulted in lost independence, isolation and depression (as well as family disputes), driving experts like Mr. Nelson now focus on helping the elderly select vehicles that can accommodate their physical disabilities and certain sensory or cognitive losses.

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The Silver Economy

The global pension crisis is possibly the biggest issue facing policymakers and CEO’s alike today. Earlier this year research showed that US cities and states face a $3.9 trillion gap in their pension funding obligations — an entirely unsustainable funding shortfall. In Chicago, for example, it’s estimated that the pension deficit is equal to 19 years of the city’s tax revenues. However, while under funded pension plans have become a thorn in the side for policymakers, there’s often little thought given to the other aspect of the equation: the size of the sliver economy.

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Congress: Help protect home health for America’s seniors

While Medicare’s skilled home health benefit is successfully saving the program money and keeping patients healthy and happy at home, it’s an area where big changes stand to do big damage. One of those changes comes as part of the federal government’s new proposal on how to pay home health agencies.

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As McCaskill touts record on seniors, donor and family friend runs troubled nursing homes

As McCaskill touts record on seniors, donor and family friend runs troubled nursing homes

In January, McCaskill joined the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which is responsible for authorizing Medicare and Medicaid spending, the main source of funding for nursing homes.

“Elder abuse and exploitation of any kind is a tragedy,” she said at a Senate hearing she co-chaired in Washington last year, “but it is particularly painful when abuse is being perpetrated by those who have been entrusted to protect the victims.”

Today, McCaskill is fighting to keep her U.S. Senate seat in Missouri, a red-leaning state where President Donald Trump trounced Democrat Hillary Clinton by 19 percentage points in November.

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Georgia programs help senior drivers stay safe on the road

Not every senior wants to trade in his or her vehicle for the popular GoGo Grandparent or other ride-sharing services, which is why Georgia has a couple of programs to help older drivers remain safe when traveling.

CarFit is a free educational program and safety check to help seniors feel comfortable in their cars, and Yellow Dot is a new program that helps first responders act quickly when seniors have an accident or roadside emergency.

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When Traveling Abroad, Don't Forget to Pack the Needed Tech Gadgets

With a last-minute invitation to Budapest, Hungary, in June to meet with the founders of a tech start-up, I had less than two weeks to prepare for the trip. And just after getting my tickets booked for the flight, I quickly realized I needed to investigate which tech gadgets I would need to take to plug in and recharge my devices on the trip, as well as figure out if I could use my U.S.-based smartphone while traveling.

Ah, the joys of international travel. If you are contemplating a similar journey abroad, here's what you need to know to make it trouble-free….

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Tighter Medicaid budgets threaten home care

States can choose whether to offer Medicaid services at home, but nursing home coverage, which is more expensive, is a required benefit. Optional benefits lsuch as home services would probably be first to go if states face budget troubles, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) warned in an analysis in May.

Children with special health needs, older adults and people with disabilities greatly value home- and community-based assistance, said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Aging.

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