The Liftware Spoon

People whose hands shake, perhaps because of Parkinson's disease or Essential Tremor, may have trouble keeping food on a spoon.

The Liftware Spoon uses an active cancellation system to compensate for shaking hands.  San Francisco-based Lift Labs’ patented Liftware System uses ”active cancellation of tremor” technology that works to counteract the tremors people can experience in their hands and help prevent spills.

In contrast to braces, which force a user’s hand to be still and can cause patient discomfort, Liftware allows the patient’s hand to shake while stabilizing food in the spoon.

The spoon uses on-board sensors to detect even the subtlest of shaking motions, and then cancels them out by moving in the opposite direction. In testing the spoon has been found to cancel out more than 70 per cent of tremor motions, which is enough to allow those dealing with the symptom to easily feed themselves.

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