A dedicated laundry room must comply with any other clear floor area requirements. The doorway and entry-point must follow the appropriate ADA guidelines and if a ramp or stairway is used they must also comply. The more important factor covered in the guidelines for laundry is not regarding the room, but rather the washer and dryer being utilized.

It is important that each washing machine and dryer stick to the minimum requirements. These guidelines call for:

  • Top loading machines must have no more than 36 inches from the ground to the top of the machine.
  • Front loading machines must have the opening between 15 and 36 inches from the ground.

Additionally, it is important to remember that any surfaces or operable parts must comply with those individual guidelines, which are explained in section 309 of the ADA regulations. Also keep in mind that if a laundry room is built for that purpose it may have holes in the floor of drainage. These holes must meet any flooring requirements, which call for them to be no larger than to allow a ½ inch sphere to fit through them. Following these basic laundry guidelines will help to make the process run much more smoothly. 

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