Landings are required rest areas between any ramps and walkways. Like any other part of the home design, these landings must meet certain standards if you hope to have the best results for the easiest accessibility. Though there is no specific requirement for the amount of landings in a home, the best thing to remember is that all stairs or ramps must have a landing.

In building landings, it is important to remember that specific dimensions are followed as well. These dimensions include:

  • Each landing must be equal in width to the ramp or stairs that it is part of.
  • There must be a landing at both the top and bottom of the path.
  • These landings must be a minimum of 60 inches.
  • Slopes should not exceed 1 foot for every 48 inches, or a 1:48 ratio.
  • Any ramp rise that exceeds 6 inches should have hand rails.

When considering landings, make sure to also check out the requirements for hand rails and make sure that they fit. Remember that a landing is separate from other open floor areas, and must be included on all rises and falls within a home or any places outside of the home, such as the entryway. 

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