To ensure that disabled persons can easily move in and out of an elevator, there are certain standards in place. Like doors, there are many factors to consider, so the easiest place to start is with the chart provided within the ADA guidelines. 


For other more specific residential requirements, consider the following:

  • The call button must be a minimum of ¾ inch in size to allow for enough area.
  • Visible signals must be positioned no less than 72 inches off of the finished floor.
  • The floor of the elevator must comply with general flooring ADA guidelines.
  • Emergency controls should be a minimum of 35 inches from the floor.
  • The clearing between the edge of a platform and the landing shall not exceed 1 ½ inch.
  • The elevator car shall have interior dimensions no less than 36x48 inches.

Additionally, elevators should have a minimum of five foot candles lighting minimum at the controls. Platform lifts have some additional requirements as well. Also keep in mind that commercial and residential elevators have their own requirements, so if you are considering a commercial application make sure to look up those guidelines. 

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