Unlike most areas of the home, there are no specific requirements in the ADA guidelines concerning electrical connections. This does not mean that there are not industry standards, but rather that homes must stick to the same general standards for those not following the ADA.

There are, however, requirements for the height of items such as light switches. These requirements are in section 309 of the ADA regulations about operable parts and include:

  • Clear floor space around any reach object should be no less than 30x48 inches.
  • Unobstructed fixtures must be between 15 and 48 inches in height to allow for someone in a wheel chair to easily reach.
  • Outlets must meet these same requirements.
  • Where there is a high obstructed reach, a 20 inch or less depth shall have a maximum height of 48 inches and a minimum of 27 inches.
  • If the depth is between 20-25 inches, the height shall not exceed 44 inches and shall be no less than 27 inches.
  • Where low obstructions are concerned, the height of the obstruction shall never exceed 34 inches.
  • If the depth is 10 inches or less, the switch must be 48 inches or less from the ground.
  • If the depth is between 10 and 24 inches, the height of the switch must be 46 inches or less.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure easy access to any light fixtures or outlets and make for a much easier time maneuvering around the home. 

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