Car Parking


Parking structures have requirements just like any other part of the home. This includes size requirements for spots, clearance around the vehicle, and some other variables. Though parking is mostly intended for commercial purposes, the guidelines offer a great point for anyone looking to get a solid plan around their home parking situation.

To keep with the standards, the following are best practices for parking spots in accordance with the ADA guidelines:

  • Parking spaces must be at least 12 feet wide.
  • Each spot should be marked to define width and should have an adjacent access aisle.
  • This access aisle is typically 5 feet wide with diagonal marking lines. 
  • State or local laws can vary on access way. Marking is not specifically nationally.
  • Parallel handicapped spots have different requirements.

Note that under special circumstances the spot can be as little as 8 feet wide, but still requires an access point on one side. Also note that certain states have more stringent or specific requirements on these parking laws. It is important to consult your local state’s guide on what the accepted best practice is for your particular area. Finally, remember to incorporate the parking area properly by complying with ramp, landing, and entry requirements. 

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