5 Ways Seniors Can Enhance Mental Health

Depression can strike at any age, but for seniors in the United States, and for residents of nursing homes in particular, the rates of depression are startling high. According to a study undertaken under the auspices of the CDC in 2013, half of all nursing home residents had a diagnosis of depression in 2011–2012.

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Aging in Place - The Emotional Benefits

You’ve lived in your house for decades. You’ve raised your children there, you’ve made so many memories, and most importantly- you’ve grown there.  You’ve been on this earth for many years, you’re a wise old bird and you refuse to let others decide what you know is right for you. You’ve built your nest and now you’d like to stay there. When old age comes knocking, you don’t have to budge.

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5 Helpful Pieces of Technology for Caregivers

Being a caregiver is hard work. You are always short on time.

In the technology age, we have computers to simplify our lives. We carry smartphones so we are easily accessible. We have eBook readers, so we can read any book in our library, on the go. But the tech age is also providing caregivers with much needed support as well. Take a look at the top five components that will help you provide better care to your loved one.

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Aging in Place on a Budget

Aging in place has many advantages so it is no wonder the option is becoming more attractive to seniors and their families. Unfortunately, many believe the option is too expensive. However, this may not be the case, especially if they consider the following.

Understanding the Basics

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Nursing Homes: A Diminished Quality of Life

Seniors who are forced to live in nursing homes often suffer many losses. In fact, the overall experience of moving from a state of independence in one’s own home to a state of dependence in a shared space with little control over one’s own life can be traumatic. This is why those who can should seriously consider aging in place.

Disadvantages of Nursing Homes

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Technology and Aging in Place

We all hope to not only live a long life, but a meaningful one. Along with that hope however comes aging - something easily forgotten in this fast-paced age of smartphones and Wi-Fi.

With more and more of the baby boomer generation reaching the age of retirement, technology is turning its eye on how to help future retirees and those over the age of 60 maintain a good quality of life.

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Regaining Independence in 8 Easy Steps

Aging in place is a tremendous opportunity for seniors whether they are already living in a nursing home or just being faced with the decision. The best part is, enjoying the quality of life aging in place offers does not have to be difficult. Simply follow these eight (8) steps to get started (some steps may overlap).

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The Joy of Radio for Elderly Listeners

As older readers will remember, radio was at the centre stage of home entertainment before television became the home media of choice. Gradually, TV pushed radio from prime to background “car and kitchen” entertainment.  Although government owned and operated radio station s are still in service, commercial stations now dominate the airwaves.

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Increase Revenue? Create Universal Products!

There are many companies trying to position themselves to cash in with the ageing baby boomer population, which is unprecedented in world history.

Many companies have spent the last decade and a half focusing on healthcare, care giving aids, disease management tools, home ageing in place technology and universal design to allow a consumer to live with the product during old age.

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Why Aging in Place is so important

Longevity seems to be an aspiration of the young and paradoxically, for many, being elderly is an almost forgotten consequence of achieving that aspiration.

With Baby Boomers now reaching the retirement age an ever increasing percentage of the population is becoming directly and indirectly affected by having to consider the best options to maintain a good quality of life for ourselves or our parents in our more mature years.

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