Balanzza Luggage Scale


Precision weighing to avoid excess baggage charges... This super-small, lightweight digital scale takes up little space in your case. Thanks to the automatic hold feature, you can set your bag down on the floor before reading how much it weighs. Just attach your luggage with the strong strap, lift with the soft-grip handle, wait for the beep and the weight appears on the blue-lit screen.

Indispensible for air travellers, young or old

•Strong strap secures packs or luggage

•Screen on top is easy to read while lifting the load with one hand

•For a two-hand lift, you can lift, wait for the unit to lock in the weight, set it down, and read the screen

•Uses two CR2032 batteries (included)

•Dimensions are 4.75 x 1.60 x 1.25 inches

•Measures up to 97 lbs

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