Aging in Place - The Emotional Benefits

You’ve lived in your house for decades. You’ve raised your children there, you’ve made so many memories, and most importantly- you’ve grown there.  You’ve been on this earth for many years, you’re a wise old bird and you refuse to let others decide what you know is right for you. You’ve built your nest and now you’d like to stay there. When old age comes knocking, you don’t have to budge. The thought of moving out and living in a seniors home can be worrying enough. It’s important that you have full control over your options.

Relocation or changing your environment so late in life can come at a risk. Relocation stress syndrome (RSS) is the disturbance of both the physical and psychological balance of an individual. Symptoms can include having trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, anxiety, depression, feelings of loss or grief, and failure to adapt. Aging in place can be a less stressful approach.

Other major stressors of moving into a senior home can include having to part with your belongings (some senior homes may have limited space), having to part with beloved pets (assisted living facilities for the elderly may not allow pets), the risk of illness (germs can spread quickly in a largely populated place), and having only a medium amount of time allowed with visitors within visiting hours, such as family members. All of these can be detrimental to emotional health, especially if this is not your cup of tea. With aging in place, you do not have to give up anything. The benefits of aging in place include the ability to stay with your pets, the ability to keep precious belongings, the decreased risk of exposure to illnesses, and no visiting hours. You can stay right where you are at a reasonable cost for at-home care.

On a side note, there is no shame in relocating to an assisted care facility or seniors home. There are also benefits that come with living in an assisted care facility. For some, it can be a wonderful experience and a chance to meet new people, but for the ones that feel this is not their preferred choice- there are options for you. You should have full control of your options, and you should be able to stay where you are most comfortable.

Posted by editor on Wed, 06 Apr 2016 15:04


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