5 Helpful Pieces of Technology for Caregivers

Being a caregiver is hard work. You are always short on time.

In the technology age, we have computers to simplify our lives. We carry smartphones so we are easily accessible. We have eBook readers, so we can read any book in our library, on the go. But the tech age is also providing caregivers with much needed support as well. Take a look at the top five components that will help you provide better care to your loved one.

Personal Health Records Because people may have different caregivers at different times, it is important to maintain a complete record of your loved one’s health conditions, medications, tests results and more. However, it may not always be feasible to write every detail down in a logbook. Now you can carry that info with you, leave it for the next caregiver, or even look it up online at the doctor’s office. You can provide access to your doctor’s office and avoid double testing for the same issue, evade possible medication conflicts and more.

Medical Alert System Having a medical alert device not only provides help if your loved one has an accident such as a fall, certain systems will also monitor the house for possible dangers including fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Medical alerts also alert emergency responders if there is a need. While some loved ones feel they are losing their independence by choosing a personal alarm system, it is actually giving them the freedom to live alone. It provides an extra layer of security for your loved one.

Caregiver Apps A high number of people use smartphones for daily activities. Now you can also use your smartphone or tablet to help you keep track of the caregiving you provide. Some apps are used to keep family members in touch with each other as well as providing updates on conditions and such. Other apps aim to keep important information in one place and keep it accessible to caregivers. There are also apps that provide reminders about medications and store vital health information of your loved one. Most of the apps are free; however, there may be a charge for extra features.

Medication Monitor With busy lives, it is easy to forget some of the most important details. Some details may be life altering, such as taking the correct medication and dosage at the correct time. At times, caregivers may even have a memory lapse if they provided certain medications. Using a medication monitor will help you and your loved ones to know which pills you have taken and which you have yet to take. Some pill dispensers include an alarm, which will ring to remind you and your loved one that it is time to take your medications. Pills are placed into the corresponding time slots and will only unlock when that time arrives. This prevents missed medications as well as taking double medications.

Telikin Computer Loved ones that live alone or are homebound long to see a loved one’s face, to hear their voice and talk with them. This computer is a great solution. This system is a basic computer that provides the ability to talk face-to-face, share photos and emails. This device is simple to use and has no bloatware or features that may cause frustration. It also offers a touchscreen and is intuitive. Now you can check in with your parents, using this simple device and see how they are doing.

Posted by editor on Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:08


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