Helping US Seniors Age in Place

For many seniors in the USA, aging in place reflects an ambition to remain linked to family, friends, and community.  It can also be the most financially sensible housing option for those seniors with the physical ability to remain at home.

Access Homes is all about providing practical information and advice, ranging from the home modification design advice, through to finding the right professional to assist with home modification process.  With our aging population, this decision about retirement care is being faced by more and more Americans, and our goal is to make this dream of staying in home a viable alternative.

Latest News

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28 Apr 2015 - Seniors who are forced to live in nursing homes often suffer many losses. In fact, the overall experience of moving from a state of independence in one’s own home to a state of dependence in a shared space with little control over one’s own life can be traumatic. This is why those who can should seriously consider aging in place.... Read more